Element 3D Video Copilot Full Crack With License

Element 3D Video Copilot Full Crack With License – WIN Full Version Free Download


Element 3D Video Copilot Full Crack is a high-performance After Effects plug-in for creating Motion Design & Visual Effects. This plugin is beneficial for After Effects users in importing and animating 3D models

Third-party after-effects plugin was developed by Video Copilot. It is a 64-bit plugin that runs on both Windows and Mac OS. It is used for importing/creating 3d objects and for particle rendering.

It is mostly used for motion design and visual effects. Element is capable of animating and rendering, it uses its own renderer to generate a high-end realistic result, it features shaders, global illumination, texture mapping, lighting, animating, and 3D compositing. Supports GPU rendering which is used to help speed up rendering times.

As Element 3d is a plugin that runs inside after effects and not a full 3D package, it can not be compared with other 3D computer graphics software because it has limited tools. But it can do professional work in much less time according to its simple interface and presets, it was designed for easier workflow, user-friendly, and final results.


  • Supports Spot Lights & Parallel Lights
  • Soft Shadows for Spot Lights
  • Up to 8K Map Resolution & Sample Quality
  • Shadow range based on map size


  • New SSAO includes quality presets
  • Tighter contact & SSAO Color Tint


  • Supports All Light types
  • Accurate Soft Shadows
  • Renders are slower & Require more memory
  • Ray Trace features require OpenCL GPU


  • Accurate contact edges
  • Slower than SSAO
Element 3d Video Copilot
Element 3d Video Copilot
Element 3d Video Copilot
Element 3d Video Copilot


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